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Are you ready to get this magnificent midlife show on the road?



A huge hello there.

I'm Dawn.

Taking life steps a little later than others has become a habit.

I met my husband and got married at the age of 33 (years after all my friends had settled down.)

I had my daughter just before my 41st birthday - pregnant the first month of trying and a quick and easy labour (and yes. I know I was very blessed in this) Two fingers to all the doom sayers who had predicted gloom at my "advanced age".

I came across the online world of entrepreneurship in my late forties and knew it was for me despite being surrounded by role models who looked barely out of school. 

And even when younger, I've had a fascination with older women who continue to thrive and flourish as they've aged.

One of the most powerful, influential role models in my life was a woman I first met when she was in her early 90's who was still hill walking in her 80's and moved with the grace and poise of a woman half her age.

She believed that growing older was about always being open to learning new skills and new experiences, that it's never too late to start a new adventure in business and in life.

And this really hit home when I had a brief but very frightening health scare (thank you so much google for your help in helping me find out all the hideous illnesses I might have been suffering from). Thankfully, all was well but in that space of a week, I'd really started to really think about how quickly time passes and that we never know how much time we have left. Cue to start living life with as much passion and zeal as I can muster!

And I would love to help you step into the full magnificence that is midlife.

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My work experience

My very first graduate job (much to everyone's amazement including my own because of my shyness) was as a trainer running courses for other employees in a large insurance company. I was sick (literally) with nerves for the first few months. But you know what? Perversely I loved it and spent over ten years designing and delivering courses for managers in business and industry.

Later, leaving the corporate world, I trained for three years as an Alexander Technique teacher (and if you're wondering what the heck that is, stay calm). then I worked for the next seven years helping people use their body with less strain and more ease.

At this point, I was drawn to the online world and spent two and a half years going round and round in circles as an entrepreneur, struggling with the technology, not being clear on my niche, searching endlessly on how to succeed. 

Until I finally got the help I needed and now here I am determined to show midlife women that this time of our lives can be an opportunity for us to rediscover the joy and passion in ourselves and uncover new talents and possibilities.


The qualifications stuff

BSc psychology degree

NLP practitioner

Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Alexander technique teacher


Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique

Coach U graduate

But this isn't about me is it, it's about you.

And I could have all the qualifications in the world but those are meaningless, if you and I just don't connect. It's who we are as people, that's what counts. So if you'd like us to get to know each other better, I'd love to say a huge hello to you and journey along with you for a while or maybe longer.

See you soon. Dawn xx