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The 21 day Body Mindfulness Challenge

Starts Tuesday 12th March, £15

It’s time to start using your body with less strain and tension and more ease and flow


Is this familiar?

Aches, pains and low energy

You’re starting to notice little aches and pains after a long day rushing around. Your lower back starts to ache after you've been sitting (let's be honest, slumping) for a while.

Posture more wicked witch of the west than beach babe?

Or perhaps it’s a growing awareness that your posture isn’t all it could be.

You’re guilty of the wicked witch upper back hump when you text. You're developing a shuffle and only notice what's going on at ground level when you walk along the street. You're mistaken for a hunched old woman from behind.

You’re interested in meditation and mindfulness

You’re exploring meditation and mindfulness and would like to include your body in all the fun rather than limit it to a mental activity.

And yet if you used your body more mindfully you’d…

  • have a body that felt great (fewer aches and pains)

  • have far more energy at the end of a long day

  • have inside bits that could work better as they're not getting squashed all the time (ugh! What a thought!)

  • feel and look more confident

  • look taller, slimmer and more poised and elegant

Come on, it's time for the 21 day Body Mindfulness Challenge.

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This training is for you if you want:

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Take a couple minutes a day to improve your posture, to walk, sit and stand with more ease and elegance (this all comes with my no rushing down to the gym, wearing tight corsets or having to walk with a long rod up your back, guarantee).

I've designed this programme because I know from my own experience how easy it is to start slumping and slouching (I'm a past master at it).So I've developed quick tips to keep us all tall and straight which you're going to find quick and easy to use. And you'll have less aches and pains as you start to use your body in the way it's evolved to be used.

This challenge is based on my work as an Alexander Technique teacher (you can read more about what that is below) and it's the most amazing way to increase your body mindfulness.

How does it work?

When you sign up for this challenge, starting on Tuesday 12th March, you'll receive a daily email filled with nibblets of inspiration and easy-to-fit into your schedule mini assignments for 21 days.

They'll also be a facebook group for this challenge for you to join where you can ask questions, compare notes with others and I'll provide further help, guidance and inspiration.

So what are you waiting for?

The 21 day challenge starts on Tuesday 12th March. £15 

How niggling back pain and meeting an amazing 86 year old woman changed my life.

A corporate career and then back pain led me to a meeting with a 86 year old woman who bowled me over with her vitality and light, graceful movement.

I was so inspired that I went on to train for three years as an Alexander Technique teacher* and worked for the next seven years helping people use their body with less strain and more ease.

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* What on earth is the Alexander Technique?

As young children, we all walked, sat and ran beautifully without looking tense and strained but unfortunately, most of us lost this natural poise when we moved into our teens and started self-consciously slumping. 

Fast forward a few more years and most of us are hunching over computer screens, slumping in front of the tv or over-tensing muscles to pick up even the lightest of objects

Is it any wonder we start suffering from tension or pain (not to mention, the way we use our bodies is hardly a pretty sight!)

The Alexander Technique is a method of exploring what on earth you’re doing with your body when you’re resting and moving through your day. It’s not a treatment, but a learning process, the ultimate body mindfulness that will help remind you that whilst you might spend a large part of your day, in your head, thinking, you have a body too!

And as you start to notice how you’re using your body, it becomes far easier to ditch the habits of tension and start using your body with less strain and you might even start looking more posture perfect as well. As a huge bonus, you might also start to notice the thought whirring calms down a little.

Are you ready to join me? 

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body mindful background.jpg

The 21 day Body Mindfulness Challenge

Starts Tuesday 12th March, £15

It’s time to start using your body with less strain and tension and more ease and flow