Are you stuck in a midlife fog of stress and struggle? Not sure what you want, who you are, where you’re going anymore?

Ready for change?

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You’ve no idea anymore where your passion or purpose in life have gone and you’re convinced you’re running out of time to make changes. You’re feeling frustrated, irritated, full of regret for past opportunities and you worry you’ve left it too late to do all the things you wish you’d done years ago. And your fear, your biggest fear is that you’ll get to the end and wish you’d done so much more.


Life changes are hitting you full on - children leaving home, divorce, caring for elderly parents, your own declining energy. You’re fed up with just reacting and know you’re ready to start taking charge of your life again.


The decisions and choices you made years or even decades ago no longer reflect who you are even though you’re not sure what it is you do want anymore. If only you could figure that one out!


You don't want to feel small and insignificant because you're past a certain age or resign yourself to the invisibility of middle age. Surely there’s still time left for fun, adventure and experiencing the full gloriousness of life?


You’ve been successful in your corporate career but there’s a growing restlessness whispering in your soul and you know it’s time for a change. Hey! You sense there’s so much amazingness inside you bursting to come out that those corporate roles haven’t even tapped into and you’re so ready for the next challenge.


 How do I know all this?

For a few years around my early 50’s I was completely lost, unsure and broken inside.

I kept on with the daily routine, building a business, looking after my family, keeping myself fit and told no one how I felt. Yet inside it was as if everything was falling apart,

I didn’t know what I wanted anymore, It seemed as if all the fun and adventure was in the past. The future looked like one slippery slope down hill.

But eventually I stumbled on an understanding that transformed how I felt. It changed everything and gradually, small step by small step, I began to rebuild my sense of hope, direction and joy in simply being alive.

You can read more of my story of how I got myself out of this midlife slump here

But let me tell you, I was all of the above (in bucket loads!!) and so I know now without any doubt….


 There is another way

1:1 Midlife Coaching. Flow. Flourish. Grow.

Are you ready to get this midlife show on the road, to start creating a fulfilling, exciting life?

Who is this coaching for?

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Women who’ve had enough of making the excuses

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Women who know they’re ready to show up bigger and bolder in their life, who know it’s their turn to create what they want in their life and that they’ve got to start making changes even if they’re not really sure what those changes are.

Women who are fed up with faffing around worrying that life is passing them by

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Let’s ditch the struggle and hassle and live with more ease and flow!

Relax into the ease of life and learn how to live with a calmer body and mind. We’ll discover where our experience of life really comes from and why you don’t need to take your worries and fearful thinking so seriously anymore. Once you understand how you have all the inbuilt resilience, wisdom and inspiration you can ever need already, your mind will become quieter and you can start listening more clearly to the whispers of your own intuition and guidance (which by the way,is the fastest, easiest way to ditch the struggle).

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Let’s get you living your life with more joy and relish, now!

We’ll start with you as you are now and what’s currently true about you and your life but very quickly we’ll move on to get you thinking bigger and bolder. You’ll get in touch again with what makes you happy, gives you joy (even if it’s been a while) and remind you of your ability to have fun, excitement, adventure by regaining that childlike sense of wonder about yourself, your life and the world.

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Let’s expand any limited ideas of what’s possible and go for those big, bold dreams!

Let’s get clear, crystal clear on what you want to create next in your life. You’ll learn where to look for inspiration and guidance on your next step forward and how to be awake to new possibilities every day. We’ll get clear on what your next steps are, how to deal with anything that’s holding you back, easily, effortlessly, forever and we’ll identify the actions you need to take which are uniquely and perfectly yours. Learn how to make decisions more effortlessly, move gracefully past setbacks and frustrations and uncover how easy it is to create your own path all with a dash of ease and a dollop of fun and joy.

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Here’s what you get.

10 x 45 minute private intensives over zoom (or live if you’re local)
Facebook message/ email access to me whenever you need it (Monday - Friday)

Your investment: £949/ $1250

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IMPORTANT: Are you ready to take action, full responsibility, get going and make changes in your life? Interested?

If you’re fed up with feeling stuck and know you want to do more with your midlife (and beyond) even if at the moment you haven’t the foggiest what that might look like, get on a free Midlife Flourish call with me.

You can click the link here to find a date and time that works for you.

Together we’ll explore what your version of a great midlife looks like and we’ll start you moving forward.

My guarantee: You will make progress during our conversation.

We'll also talk about whether 1:1 coaching with me is the right next step for you.

I look forward to meeting you

Dawn, The Flourishing Midlife x 

What some lovely people are saying about working with me


“Dawn has a very sensitive, gentle manner and yet can persistently hold you to the point that you’re focusing on with brilliant effect!”

Heather Garbutt, Director at The Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre, Swindon  

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“I thoroughly enjoyed Dawn's teaching and can highly recommend spending time with her. Her warm friendly manner instantly put me at ease and her guidance was invaluable. She has the talent of not only being skilled at what she does but has the knack of explaining everything very clearly. “

Rowena Smith