Let's get started

Hello there!

Welcome and a HUGE hello from me. I'll delighted that you're joining me here and I promise you that this is going to be an incredible journey.

What you'll need to bring with you on the journey

You'll need to get yourself a blank journal for you to fill. It can be whatever shape and design you like but choose one that you find attractive, that makes your heart zing.There is also a workbook for you to download with prompts and space to make notes after each of the audio meditations.

Download here

Choose the future level of success you want to create for yourself and work with now during this course (don't forget you can always come back and do this all again with an even more expansive future later).

How much would you be earning? I've suggested a $3K a month level but if this feels too much of a stretch or not stretch enough, tweak it to be just right for you. You want something that feels out of your reach right now but not as implausible as eating cheese on the moon!

For 10 minutes a day, write down in your journal what it's like to be an entrepreneur earning this month, every month. The most important aspect of this task is to write in the present tense, use "I" statements and don't censor, don't judge. You don't have to believe what your're writing (in fact some part of your mind might be arguing "what on earth are you on about? This isn't you.") If this is the case, you have my full permission to acknowledge that this part of you is trying to help and then press the giant red ejector seat button in your mind and blast all negative, doubting parts into space. You can also do something more nurturing if you prefer. 

Just keep writing, write as fast as possible and try not to pause. I want you to be writing so fast that you can hardly read your own writing. Build momentum, get excited (maybe not snort out with joy as I did once in a coffee shop as I was doing this quite forgetting where I was, unless you want to be viewed as crazed!)

No one will see this but you, it doesn't need to be grammatically correct, make any sense to anyone else, you're simply talking to yourself on paper.

Eg: I feel so excited knowing that I've found my perfect clients who love my work and get so much out of it. Getting visible and sharing my work is so easy for me.

As an entrepreneur earning _______K consistently a month ( please insert your own target)

Prompt questions.

  • How would you feel?
  • Which amazing, empowering emotions are yours on a daily basis?
  • How would you be working / living?
  • What are you doing?
  • What would be true for you?
  • What evidence would you have that you're reached this level?
  • How would your clients feel about your service / product?
  • How would you be reaching out to them?

Module 1: Meeting your Future Self


So let's start by meeting your future self and discovering your passion.

Audio rules




Module 2: What do you believe?


Tcoday, we're going to explore this future self further, to discover more about her beliefs and what's important to her.

You may discover this is very similar to who you are now or perhaps there are some interesting differences. Allow whatever comes up to bubble to the surface and use the workbook to make some notes afterwards.

Beliefs are powerful parts of our being. What we believe about ourselves and the world and what we place value on, has a profound impact on how we move forward in our work and the speed and success of magnetising our entrepreneur future.

In this session, we'll be working with one of the beliefs you uncovered from your future self and learning how we can start living it NOW, even if it feels a little make-believe. You see, the magic of beliefs is that yes, they can change over time as we learn and grow and experience the world, but we can also change them ourselves and grow into them. And we can do this with little steps or we can take a giant leap, it's up to us and our own personal level of comfort.

7 (2).png

Module 3: Your mentor

The journey towards your future self may seem joyous and short or perhaps it feels more arduous, laced with pitfalls and traps but however, it feels, know that there is always guidance for you, that you already have all the resources you need even if some of them need dusting off a little or growing. You are enough to do this. 

In this session, you will meet a mentor who can give you all the guidance you desire.



Module 4: Upgrading to your future NOW

Module focus: Upgrading and living it NOW

Today is all about upgrading in a way that brings us closer to our future self. These can be profound or small changes - that's your own choice. But ask yourself what is it that my future self wouldn't tolerate? What would my future self do differently? And then commit to making that change and write some notes down in your workbook.

So some examples, maybe it's about introducing a new personal habit like eating more veg, or drinking more water,or perhaps it's about making a workplace habit change like keeping your accounts up to date or reaching out to potential clients. Or how about if your upgraded your home by doing a spot of decluttering or buying some gorgeous flowers for your desk?

You see, what we're doing is creating the conditions for our future self NOW, not when we've mastered those elusive $10k months, not when the stars are in the right configuration, but NOW. And I promise you, these small changes build up, they nudge you in the right direction until you're set without doubt on the path to being this future self to you.

Let me give you an example, a rather personal example that may seem insignificant (but trust me, it's making a huge impact - ha! Ha! you can take that one of many ways).

A few days ago whilst thinking about this programme, it occurred to me that my bra was providing zilch support (if I'm honest it's probably rather old and I'd be horrified if anyone knew I was wearing something that scanky) and it was about time I went and got one professionally fitted. Hey presto! I did it and I FEEL AMAZING!! You see my future (earning lots a month, consistently) self would not be wearing old, baggy, shoddy underwear.

Take one step at a time and see where it leads you!!


Module 5: Gathering your evidence of a MAJOR shift

Module focus - it's already here

This final module is about my number 1, tip top secret to keeping you moving forward and gaining momentum with all of this. What I would love for you is that this isn't just a quick programme that you have a quick look over and then keep in the file of "I'll get that finished when unicorns start flying around"

I'd love for this to be something that provides a secure, solid  foundation for your $3k, $5k months. We need to keep going with it.

So my top tip for doing this?

Start collecting evidence that you're already achieving your future self and write it down in your workbook. You could note down the upgrades you made yesterday(and this should be an ongoing process), you could notice ANY steps forward in your business, two more email subscribers, 1 more client, anything big or small. Just take note of it and keep at it, every day. As you do this, your belief in the reality of this "once far out in the future" reality will be unshakable and you'll notice how it's your present, it's already here.