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Are you ready to make your midlife and beyond the more glorious time of your life?


Welcome to the Midlife Evolution Experience


Midlife for so many of us can hit with the subtlety of a ten ton truck. You may have hit a BIG, BIG birthday,  your children may be leaving home, or you've just found an old photo and realised how much you've aged  (even though you're convinced inside you're still 22).

You may wonder if you're past it or be worried that life is just a down-hill slippery, slide to ill health, loneliness, lack of purpose....

You’ve come to the right place.

Or perhaps it's just a niggle that won't go away that you need to do more, be more, live more.

Hello I’ve been there and I'm here to help.

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How do I know all this?

I had a short, snappy burst of ill health that seriously had me worried it was something really, really serious. Good old google helped with that one! Thankfully, that passed and I'm still here perky and ready for the next challenge.

But you know what, it got me thinking.

What if I did only have a short time to live? 

Had I done enough, loved as deeply as I could, lived with as much relish as possible?

What it hitting midlife was a wake-up alarm to start flourishing and thriving with all the "give it what I've got" energy I could muster?

These questions haunted me for days until I realised action had to be taken. I had to live my life in a brighter, more zestful way. I had to make every minute of every day count because the last few decades had passed so "blink and it's gone" quickly and I knew I wanted more. I wanted to spend more time laughing with my family, dancing, standing on the tops of hills. And I wanted to make more, much more of an impact with my work.

Because let's face it, none of us knows when the end is nigh.

So I realised I had a mission to help other midlife women understand that they have so much more life to live, they've got amazing skills and quite frankly, the world needs us to cast aside our invisibility cloaks and get out there and start making a difference in whatever way lights us up.

So what do you say? Are you ready to join me?


The vision for our midlives..

I believe that this time is our time to start living gloriously and this is what I want for you..

I want you to wake up every day, grateful for the joyful life you're created. I want you to love, loVE, LOVE the age you're at and to look forward to your future with confidence and anticipation.

I believe that NOW is the time for you to start living at somewhere near your potential, to start making the most of the talents you have, to stand tall and proud, knowing that your happiness and fulfillment is up to you and knowing, really knowing that only you can determine the course of your life.

My hope for you is that you relish the little, everyday moments, enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and celebrate the big events, the family get togethers and evenings spend laughing with friends. 

I want you to flourish, blossom and bloom in your midlife and I want you to start living every day, day in day out fully as if it will be your last, no regrets, rolling with the setbacks and flying through the triumphs. 

The Midlife Evolution online experience

In this inspiring and practical online experience,  you'll discover the power of your midlife (let's blast away those negative preconceptions) and tap into your dreams for the next stage of your life even if you're not quite sure what those dreams are.

Using meditations, audio lessons, exercises and inward reflection, we'll help you uncover how to lead the rest of your life with more fun, zest and ensure the rest of your years are the best of your years.


Note – this isn’t a course on the physical changes of menopause as this isn’t my area of expertise.


Get clear, really clear on how you need to live your life now


Enjoy your current moment and tap into your inner wisdom


let's give a clean sweep to all that's holding us back


love your life

Clarify your direction for this stage of your life·        

Identify what you need to let go of and release (in whatever speed is comfortable for you)

Tap into your inner power source and celebrate all your skills and strengths

Receive insight into practical steps you can take to love the special ones in your life (yes that includes yourself)

Tap into your own inner guidance to discover the next steps you need to take


Here's how we'll roll....

The online experience will take place in our own private facebook group and each week you'll have access to a new lesson audio, guided meditations, inspiration and guidance, exercises with you to play with, experiment and work with.

You'll get amazing support and community with the other women in the group


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This is a beta programme so I ask that if you sign up, you'll provide feedback 


Frequently Asked Questions

+ How long does the programme last?

It's a four week on-line experience but the content and facebook group will be available for the lifetime duration of the course.

+ Question 2?

Answer to the question.

+ Question 3?

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+ Question 4?

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+ Question 5?

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+ Question 6?

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