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Unleash your midlife magnificence

The brilliant, shining midlife you

What if you were stronger, wiser and more star-reaching incredible than you have ever given yourself credit for? 


Someone, somewhere is reaching out for your wisdom, your brilliance, your YOU.
Someone, somewhere needs you to show up and share your gifts

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Hello there!

Reaching midlife can be a major challenge for so many of us.

Changes in our lives, our bodies and looks and lets not forget the ups and downs of our hormones can leave us feeling that all fun, excitement and adventure are behind us, that the best of our life is in the past. 

I knew these feelings all too well myself as I hit a turning point in my own life shortly before my 5oth birthday.

From the outside, nothing had changed and my life seemed to carry on in it's usual fashion but inside I knew that I wanted to take charge of my life and start making the most of every moment.

I felt panic (which woke me up in the middle of the night for months) as I noticed how quickly the years had passed and hope once I recognised that actually I still had plenty of time and energy to start living more fully and grasping every opportunity. 

I started writing notes to myself on scrappy bits of paper, to pick me up when I felt down and vulnerable and to cheer me on when things looked brighter. Well one thing led to another and here they are now as my Midlife Flourishes.

So I'd love it if you'd join me and twice a week, I'll send you a midlife nugget of inspiration (you can read some recent examples below).


Some of the latest midlife flourishes...

What if you could step into the future, into your vibrant 80 year old self? As this incredible, wise woman, what would you lovingly say to your very youthful midlife self? What advice would you offer? Which dreams would you encourage yourself to reach for, to take the first baby, tiny steps? From the perspective of an 80 year old, you're still a youngling - there's plenty of time and energy left for you to create an amazing present and future.


When Ms Nasty Person is shouting abuse in your head about who or what you are, be kind to yourself. When you've seen your refection in a mirror and an "I don't like what I see" thought has flitted through your mind, be gentle with yourself. When you're frustrated and angry and naffed off that the gap between where you want to be and where you are is so huge, treat yourself with the utmost patience. Be kind and gentle and patient with yourself. Always.


Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who reached midlife and began to feel that she might after all have turned into a wrinkly old frog. Unfortunately there was no handsome prince or fairy godmother to make it all better, so (as usual) she had to sort it out herself. Ah but in doing so, she unleashed a magic spell and she began to see how she was in fact a powerful, strong magician. Within her dwelt more power and magic than she had ever had as a young princess with a pretty smile and so she lived happily ever after creating the life of her own dreams.


Me and the other Midlife Flourishers, we want to say that even though you’re struggling sometimes, you’re doing so well. It’s not always easy is it but your bravery and persistence are just staggering. You're such an inspiration for us and even though you think no one notices how you put on a cheery face - we do. 


Ending any relationship can be tricky, especially with someone you've known your whole life. Let's face it, Young You was lovely. She was strong and beautiful but she did some pretty immature things, she made some crazy mistakes. Do you remember the time she....? What about when she made you squirm with embarrassment? Mourn her passing by all means but another You will take her place. Maybe her charms are less immediately obvious, her muscles less toned but mark my words, she has wisdom and insight and strength that will blow your socks off.

I look forward to meeting you. With much love, my midlife sister,

Dawn xxx