Is it time for a change in your midlife?

Midlife for so many of us can hit with the subtlety of a ten ton truck. You may have hit a BIG, BIG birthday,  your children may be leaving home, or you've just found an old photo and realised how much you've aged  (even though you're convinced inside you're still 22).

You may wonder if you're past it or be worried that life is just a down-hill slippery, slide to ill health, loneliness, lack of purpose....

You’ve come to the right place.

Or perhaps it's just a niggle that won't go away that you need to do more, be more, live more.

Hello I’ve been there and I’m here to help 

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I had a short, snappy burst of ill health that had me worried it was something really, really serious. Good old google helped with that one! Thankfully, that passed and I'm still here perky and ready for the next challenge.

But you know what, it got me thinking.

What if I did only have a short time to live? 

Had I done enough, loved as deeply as I could, lived with as much relish as possible?

What it hitting midlife was a wake-up alarm to start flourishing and thriving with all the "give it what I've got" energy I could muster?

These questions haunted me for days until I realised action had to be taken. I had to live my life in a brighter, more zestful way. I had to make every minute of every day count because the last few decades had passed so "blink and it's gone" quickly and I knew I wanted more. I wanted to spend more time laughing with my family, dancing, standing on the tops of hills. And I wanted to make more, much more of an impact with my work.

Because let's face it, none of us knows when the end is nigh.

So I realised I had a mission to help other midlife women understand that they have so much more life to live, they've got amazing skills and quite frankly, the world needs us to cast aside our invisibility cloaks and get out there and start making a difference in whatever way lights us up.

Sign up for your FREE Glorious Midlife workbook and start making those midlife changes!

So what do you say? Are you ready to join me?

Because if you are, you're in the right place.

I pulled together my years, decades even (now that makes me feel life-experienced!) of self development courses and exploration and developed a series of exercises that I worked through and played with to make flipping sure, I live every moment fully and don't waste a second of it.

So come and join me and sign up for my Having a Glorious Midlife (and beyond) workbook. In it, you'll discover how to:

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  • Review your life and fully recognise where you have been glorious and triumphant and which regrets you need to let go of once and for all

  • Live the rest of your life with zest and if you could create your perfect now until you "fall off the edge of the planet" life, what would it look like?

  • Love, LOVE, love the people you're with - and yourself whilst you're at it

  • Throw away the excess baggage and journey through the next stage of your life with a greater sense of freedom and lightness

  • Bring together all the wisdom and wonder you've gathered over a life time and create your own rules for joyous, glorious living

Sign up for your FREE Glorious Midlife workbook and start making those midlife changes!

Let's take action together and make sure the rest of our years, are the best of our years.

I can't wait to meet you 

Dawn, The Flourishing Midlife x