The place to start or grow your midlife business is by asking yourself questions and giving yourself time and space to allow the answers to evolve.

  • Really love the age you're at and notice how incredible a time midlife is for starting a new business
  • Get clear, really clear on what's unique and special about you 
  • Grab yourself some mega motivation by uncovering your passions and realising how much of an impact you can make on the world
  • Discover how to serve your perfect, wonderful client in a way that is uniquely your own
  • Notice when and where the whispers of inspiration reach out to you
  • Uncover the steps you need to take to reach out and find your clients
  • Uncover how to expand this wonderful business of yours with ease

For so many of us, midlife can be a time of upheaval, of uncomfortable emotions and at times, bewildering physical change.  

It feels like The End. The end of our looks, our roles as nurturers, our youth, taut muscles and smooth skin. But actually, I want you to think of it as a transition to a new beginning, to your time as a powerful, majestic older woman. This is the time when we can lead a life so richly and intentionally that at the end we have no regrets. 

For me (and I suspect for you too if you're here) this is in part about being an entrepreneur, creating services that nurture, empower, educate and inspire others.  You see, I believe creating our own business is one of the most magnificent ways that us midlife women can share our gifts, experience and wisdom with others. 

It's time for us to stand up and be seen and heard.

So join me now and lets make these years our best years as we create and nurture our flourishing businesses.

Much love to you my Midlife Sister,
Dawn, The Flourishing Midlife xx