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What would that mean for your business? What would it mean for you?

There’s a common misconception that luck is something you’ve either got or you haven’t. 

For the unlucky amongst us, well we're talking banana skins of slipperiness, thunderstorms of unluckiness with a wallop of bad fortune thrown in for all eternity.

But oh happy you if you're the 7th daughter of a 7th daughter because you'd have been born with oodles of the stuff and I've no doubt that you've been hopping, skipping and jumping down the easy path of life,

Well yes I’m not going to deny that these might help…….but this isn’t the whole truth..

The truth is that your level of luck is about YOU (and I’ve based all of this done by a psychological research study here in the UK)

It’s about how you manage your state of mind. It's about your everyday, normal for you behaviour, whether you notice potential opportunities (or walk straight past them in slump mode) and how open you are to new possibilities. it's about how you deal with all the frustrations and setbacks that if you're determined to create your own business, you are going to get.

Because believe it or not, being lucky is a mindset, it's something you can learn.

Luck is all about how you manage your state of mind

It’s about who you are, who you become in this journey and it’s about setting into a new way of being……as a lucky entrepreneur

Get this right and you’ve got a way to create way more luck in your life, with ease. 

Where you start to see the luck you're already creating in your life and begin to recognise more and more opportunities.

Where setbacks and strokes of bad luck don't leave you floored for days and you bat them away with the mastery and skill of an aikido master.

Where you realise that if you’re totally committed to this luck journey, nothing is going to hold you back (people are going to probably start whispering that you have the luck of the super lucky.

Exact content – what you’ll learn

Release your inner entrepreneur

How to put the qualities into place that make working in flow more likely to occur

Subcategories :

  • Discover the bigger purpose of your business
  • Tap into an unlimited source of creativity and inspiration
  • How to create a focused state of mind whenever you choose
  • How to tap into your natural poise to enable you to work without strain



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