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A huge welcome to you.

Thanks for joining me here.

Below you will find some free meditations - the breathing meditation and a body scan meditation and I have also included details of my meditation package for purchase.

Please read the instructions below before using the exercises and in the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, you can get in touch with me at dawn@theflourishingentrepreneur.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With Love

Dawn xx

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All you need to do is read the instructions, find somewhere quiet and click on the images below.



Free resources


Shop meditations

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The Morning and Evening Review meditation package £7.99

The morning review meditation (9 minutes)
This meditation aims to set you up beautifully for your day ahead, whether you have a busy, frantic day or more relaxing plans. Help yourself dance lightly with the ebb and flow of your energy and respond to the challenges and changes of the day ahead with more ease.

The evening meditation (12 minutes)
Soothe your emotions, calm the mind and relax the body after a busy day. Let go of all the busyness and events of the day and prepare yourself for a deep, relaxing sleep.

Each of the two mediations comes with music or without.