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Are you ready to flourish and blossom and bloom in your mid years?

Do you feel like you've hit midlife and you've no idea what's next?

Midlife for so many of us is a huge wake-up call. You may have hit a BIG, BIG birthday,  your children may be leaving home, or you've just found an old photo and realised how much you've aged  (even though you're convinced inside you're still 22). 

You’ve come to the right place.

Or perhaps it's just a niggle that won't go away that you need to do more, be more, live more. Maybe you feel that you just don't want to let your life spiral downhill to the end and spend your time remembering past youthful glories and regrets.

Hello I’ve been there and I'm here to help.

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How do I know all this?

I had a short, snappy burst of ill health that seriously had me worried it was something really, really serious. Good old google helped with that one! Thankfully, that passed and I'm still here perky and ready for the next challenge.

But you know what, it got me thinking.

What if I did only have a short time to live? 

Had I done enough, loved as deeply as I could, lived with as much relish as I could muster?

These questions haunted me for days until I realised action had to be taken. I had to live my life in a brighter, more zestful way. I had to make every minute of every day count because the last few decades had passed so "blink and it's gone" quickly and I knew I wanted more. I wanted to spend more time laughing with my family, dancing, standing on the tops of hills. And I wanted to make more, much more of an impact with my work.

Because let's face it, none of us knows when the end is nigh.



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The Flourishing Midlife Package


So here's how our time together will work.

Each session will be full of motivation and inspiration, guidance and inspired action. Together we'll get you clear, really clear on what you want from life and how you can make the rest of your years the best of your years.

We'll uncover what's no longer working in your life. What fears, habits and assumptions about yourself need to be shown the door....right now.

We'll tackle the doubts and give all your strengths and fabulous abilities a good old shine so that you can feel amazing, grow your self confidence and live you life as the woman you know you want to be.

But, but, but we start with where you are and your specific, individual needs so each coaching package is crafted to help YOU move forward and blossom.


Here's what you'll get in the package

One 1  hour kick-off session

5 x 30 minute coaching sessions

Unlimited email and private messages Monday to Friday

Action plan and done for you checklists

Investment only £1000 / $1300


It's your time, NOW. Are you ready?

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If you're curious about how coaching can help you, come and have a chat with me

I'm sure you've got plenty of questions and it's important that you and I work well together so click on the button below and come and have a free, no obligation, "getting to know you" chat. 

I look forward to meeting you. Dawn, The Flourishing Entrepreneur xx