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Midlife Evolution Body Ease 


The 5 day experience that will banish midlife ache niggles, help you move with more ease and give you more energy at the end of a long day 

Starts Monday 17th July


Is this you dear midlife woman..?

Physical niggles and aches remind you every so often that the health you've always taken for granted, needs to be nurtured and cherished. The years of slumping in chairs and dragging your tense body stiffly through the day are starting to catch up with you.

After an exhausting day, you suffer from text neck and pain and stiffness from the daily grind. Your solution is to collapse into a heap on the sofa and if all this weren't enough, now your back’s starting to grumble and complain.

You’re guilty of the slouch-walk and watching your feet as you walk seems to have become an endless source of fascination.

You've developing a wicked witch upper back stoop.

You still have a mental image of yourself as standing straight and tall but recent photos hint that you may in fact be starting to look uncannily like a bent, old woman, decades before your time.


And yet wouldn't it be amazing if you could...




Have more energy and feel flipping great after a long day

Look and feel more youthful (and most definitely not look like Ms Old Stooped Lady years before your time) - in fact, you could even look slimmer as well without resorting to a diet or heaven forbid, tight corsets!!!

Move more gracefully  - hello Ms Midlife poise!  

Sit beautifully with poise, stand with ease and walk with elegance




Ooze self-confidence and look your absolute best in everything you wear

Cultivate a calm body in a calm mind, 

End the tyranny of the slump and slouch once and for all,  

Banish the text neck,  computer slump and mouse fatigue.




Think how amazing it would be to regain stunning posture.

I'm talking elegant and sophisticated here rather than Wicked Witch of the West slouch (or even worse, cranking stumble of the tin man).

Find out how you can use your body with more ease, stand tall and confident and walk with a spring in your step. Let's rediscover your body joie de vivre.

Join us for $97 USD


I believe the answer can be found in the Alexander Technique, a 100 year old concept which is used today by celebrities, actors and sportspeople.  But not to worry if you've never heard of the technique before as I'll be explaining how easy it is to use the principles and I'll be giving you loads of practical tips to help you make it part of your everyday life. 


In this five day experience you'll....

Learn what fantastic posture is, why it's so important and how it all goes so horribly wrong.

Identify what you want to change about your own.

Discover the magic formula for improving your posture without gym exercises or dieting. Hint, it involves a soupçon of using your thoughts, a touch of being more aware of your body and what you're doing with it and a dash of letting go of tension. Stir and enjoy. Hint: It involves having a nice lie down for a quiet ten minutes!

Uncover the power of your own mind to enhance and improve how you use your body

Sit, stand and walk so beautifully that you'll win awards.... (slight exaggeration, although if there were such a thing as an olympic gold medal in these activities, you'd be up there). Huge round of applause.

And lots, lots more.

Banish the midlife slump is a 5 day experience  and every day you'll receive a short webinar or audio exercise  (15 minutes or less) delivered by email to your inbox and I'll be posting extra goodies in our very own Facebook group with Q&A sessions throughout 


I am and I can't wait to meet you.....

Click this button to join us now. $97 USD


Please note: This programme is not in any way intended to solve postural issues that are the result of a medical issue. In this case, please consult your physician.


Crikey how much does the course cost? 

The course is $97 USD which if you think about it is the cost of visiting a chiropractor or osteopath a few times to sort out the damage often caused  by long- term postural problems. Why not do your body a favour and learn how to use it with more ease. Knock these problems on the head once and for all.

What is the Alexander Technique and how does it apply to this course?

The Alexander technique is a way of using your body with the minimum amount of effort. It's what the course is based on but you don't need to have any knowledge of it, or for that matter, any interest in it. I refer back to it at times, but don't fear. My aim has been to make the course as jargon free and practical as possible.

How do I register?

It's all very easy, peasy. Click on the buy course paypal button. Once you've paid, you'll receive a welcome email giving you access to our facebook group and then you'll receive an email every day starting on Monday 17th July. 

How do I get in touch if I have any problems?

I'd hate to think of you getting yourself in a bother so feel free to get in touch with me with any questions dawn@thefllourishingentrepreneur.com

Join us for $97 USD