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Are you ready to flourish and blossom and bloom in your mid years?

Do you have years of developing your skills and expertise and you know you could make a huge, positive difference?

But perhaps you struggling to get your online business started because you're just not clear who you want to work with and how you can help

You're fed up with constant indecision. You're wondering if you ought to change your niche, rebrand, or go for another repackage of your products and services.

You’ve come to the right place.

You want to make this work so much but you're feeling confused, frustrated and unsure and everywhere you look you're overwhelmed with glossy, glamorous young entrepreneurs and you feel like you can’t compete

"Have I missed the boat and left it too late?" is your constant thought.

Hello I’ve been there and I'm here to help.

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How do I know all this?

I went round and round in circles for years trying to figure it all out.

I spent months designing a programme that no  one wanted to buy.

Every time I saw someone offering something similar, I fell into a deep despondency convinced they were more experienced / better looking / more knowledgeable and skilled than me

I'd changed website names / rebranded / changed direction more than a few times and spent a fortune on group programmes. I was up to my ears in content and information overload.

I was ready to give up, admit to my husband it had all been a terrible mistake and hide myself in the kitchen forever (not what I wanted at all).

I started to wonder if this online thing was just for younger women.


But then, finally,at last, I got someone to help me, someone to give me the one to one support I really needed and everything changed (huge sigh of relief!).


So I'd like to ask you what's the one thing your business needs right now?....

Your business needs sales, clients. it needs money coming in

otherwise you're just playing games.

And all the other stuff, the fancy website, the photos of you shot in the most flattering of lights, the social media fans...they can all come much, much later.

It's your turn to take a huge sigh of relief because this is all about making it all so much simpler for you.

So that you're not trying to do it all at once,but focusing on the one task that will give you so much confidence, clarity and "don't hold me back now because I'm flying in my biz" power.

It's about getting clients and (before you can do this) just getting mega, crystal clear on who you're serving and what you're offering.

I believe....

That women in their forties, fifties (and beyond) have huge amounts of talent, ability that the world really needs right now. Now is not the time for us to take up a quiet pursuit and retire into the background.

You've already got all the skills and resources you need to start making money in your business but you might need help from someone to show you the way

Creating success for yourself in this online world doesn't need to be rocket science. You just need to get started, find your first clients and prove to yourself you can do it

Once you do this, you'll be flying.

How I can help you......

I'm here to help you uncover your magnificence and discover the sparkle-dust in all your years of experience, hard-won wisdom and trials and triumphs that have got you to this place, now. 

I'm here because starting your online business journey can feel so difficult part and yet as a new entrepreneur you've got two parts to the journey to success.

Yes, there's all the discovering who your niche is, designing your package and getting your first clients, that I can certainly help you with.

But I strongly believe that what makes business so hard at first is not tackling the technology or getting to grips with our product or service (though that can keep us up at night) but our battle is with ourselves. Learning how to overcome our insecurities, thought patterns and "holding us back" baggage, that’s the other part of the journey.

Once we truly, give it all we've got, no holding back, believe that we can do it, we can tap into all those amazing, fabulicious inner resources that we treasure so dearly. We can start building our business our way, at the stage of life we're at NOW and we can do it with a feeling of ease and flow.

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Flourishing Business package

Find your first clients, make your first $/£1000

and unleash the powerful entrepreneur that's waiting within you

So here's how our time together will work.

Each session will be full of motivation and inspiration, guidance and inspired action. We'll co-create strategies for developing a business that is uniquely yours so that you can find clients and make your first sales. Specifically we'll cover;

Owning your magnificence

Together we'll explore what lights you up and unearth the irrepressible message you have for the world

We'll uncover your unique blend of skills, experiences and abilities that makes any competition totally irrelevant.

I want you to stand tall and proud and show the world how incredible you are

We'll work through any blocks or limitations that are getting in your way and develop a mind-set routine that's perfect for you


Shining a light on your business

Get clear, really clear on who you want to work with and the problem you're here to help them solve

Start noticing all the opportunities you already have for finding the perfect clients for where you are now.

We'll get down into detail so that you can package your services in a way that feels authentic and powerful 

Learn how to help your clients get results


Calling out to your clients

We'll work through any resistance you have to sales so that you can sell your services authentically and joyfully

Discover where those important first clients may be lurking

We'll develop your day by day action plan so that you know exactly what to do to get your first client and sale


I want you to know what you haven't come this far for nothing. All the life experience and wisdom you're gained is here for a reason, this is your message, it's what we need to hear and see from you. I see a huge vision for you and I want to provide the space and strategies for us together to bring this out into the world

The rest of your years, are the best of your years.


I've got three packages ranging from a 2 week package looking at one specific issue you're struggling with to a 12 week programme where we have the space to look at all aspects of your business

It's your time, NOW. Are you ready?


Come and book your complimentary 15 minute assessment session to see if we're a fantastic match to work together.  I look forward to meeting you. Dawn x