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Isn't it time to unleash your inner power?

There was a time when I didn't have a voice, when I didn't think that what I wanted to say was worth saying.

Not long ago I believed that successful entrepreneurs were different from me. They were more talented, experienced, qualified or just plain more awesome than I was. 

I was playing it small and safe.

I'd forgotten how I used to feel powerful and courageous. How I used to feel happy to go for it, try something new and push myself into work that felt a little bit scary but afterwards was exhilarating and made me want to dance.

Gradually, over the years and after staying at home looking after my much wanted daughter, my world became smaller, stifling. 


There was no super power lightning strike from above that filled me with passion and fire. But somehow slowly, step by step, I rediscovered if for myself. I began to believe in myself once again. I took little steps forward.

And now I've got empowerment, in fact I've got it BIG TIME!

"Our greatest power lies in being ourselves, and being authentic."

Nick Williams, Unconditional Success

I've realised that I am enough, I can and do have a voice. I've transformed myself into my high heel wearing (only in my own mind obviously as tramping round country lanes in such get up would be inconvenient), fear busting and resistance smashing self.

And now I know that I don't need to be anyone else to be a success and that I'm not broken, or in need of fixing or sorting out. That my flaws are, in their own way, perfect. That I am, in fact, powerful.

As are you.

Feeling strong, feeling complete, it brings a fire to our work, a certainly which will outlast any setbacks or knocks. It's intoxicating, invigorating. And you know what? Feeling like this, you and I, we can soar, together.

So watch out world because we're here, and we're ready for you. 

Over, the next few blogs, I'll be exploring empowerment, in far more detail but in the meantime, I'd love to hear about you, your struggles and triumphs with feeling personally powerful.