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Are you ready to do this?

Are you ready?

Are you ready to lift your business up above the ordinary, the average and mediocre? Are you ready to discover within yourselves unexpected reserves of perseverance, strength and do what it takes, get on with it ness?

In my previous blog I wrote about the importance of having a strong reason for your biz, a mission, your why. But once you've discovered / unlocked that you've got to get out from under the duvet. Because being willing to be a leader, to show our tribes the way, to motivate and inspire them,  that's what it's going to take to move our businesses and the world forward.

In the online, entrepreneurial world I have come across masses of women who are showing others how to become more empowered, successful, creative. I have yet to find anyone who claims to want to make their clients more fearful, disempowered or stunted in any way. Don't you see, we're all working to make the world a much more amazing place using our unique abilities and hey, I think it's about time the world started to see us and our work.

But that means we've got to step out of our smallness and insecurity, we've got to be the new leaders!

But what makes a leader?

Oh this question has led me up and down a few research paths over the last few days. Some theories of being a leader favour the "you're either born one or not" idea. Whilst others suggest that what makes a good leader depends on the situation, a leader with a team in an emergency situation is very different to one leading a creative team.

What's more helpful for us is the idea that leaders have certain traits and behaviours and whilst the list below isn't a definitive list, I think it's a starting point. And I believe we can all make a commitment to develop them, the question is are we willing and ready to do so as a leader? 

It's time for action

So are you willing to step up to being a leader? Are you willing to nurture and cultivate the mindset and behaviours of one? if so, you're on a journey and if like me, you're at the start of this process, just thinking about leadership could be the kick start that ramps up your business like it's doing for mine. I'd love to hear how you get on.


Lots of love Dawn, The Flourishing Entrepreneur