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Is there a big enough Y in your biz?

I've recently had an epiphany * (try saying that after a few glasses of wine and a day behind a laptop). 

You see I've realised that to make my business a success I've got to get out from my little room and connect. I've got to step up big time and be willing to be a leader. Eek! Sharp intake of breath! Scary! Scary!

And yet it's not, not really.

Because I've realised that if you've got a big enough WHY, in your business, you'll do what it takes. You'll push past all the bad crap, the "I'm not good enough", "I don't deserve this" rubbish and just get on with it. Having a big enough WHY means that you're not going to sit about procrastinating, or worrying if it's going to work because hey, people need you and your message.

So what am I about? What's my why?

Because I believe that we don't have to struggle endlessly. We don't need to contort ourselves, or feel like we need to stand on our head. We don't have to harm our bodies, minds or souls by trying too hard or forcing ourselves, there is another way.

I'm an Alexander Teacher so I'm fascinated by how we use our body with the least strain and effort. I'm a psychology graduate so I'm intrigued by psychology and how we can use it to harness the power of our mind. And I've done heaps of spiritual course over the years so I strongly believe that our inner resources of inspiration and guidance  are HUGE. But hey that's enough about me.

So what are you all about? What's your mission?

So right now, I'm telling you that getting clear on your why is one of the fastest ways to make business success a reality for you. You can think of it as like holding onto a giant balloon that will float you above the obstacles and hard work. So please, I'm begging you, spend some time thinking through what you're all about because then shouting it out is going to get way, way easier.

I'd love to hear about your why.


Lots of love Dawn, The Flourishing Entrepreneur