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Is there enough passion in your biz?

Ops no not that kind but the sort of "feel it in your gut", "use it to push you forward in your biz" sort of passion.

When you're thinking big, when you've got a dream that's bold and brave. Without it your business is like one of those parties where conversation is stilted, the atmosphere is uncomfortable and suddenly everyone remembers why they need an early night. You don't want your business to go there! 

A brief sciency bit

There's a lovely bit of research from Amy Cuddy's book Presence, from a study looking at 185 venture capital presentations. The strongest predictor of who got the money wasn't based on the pitch content or the pitcher's credentials. It was based on the confidence, comfort level and passionate enthusiasm of the pitch. Key here for us is the word "passionate".

The reason, Amy concluded, is that these qualities show how much the pitcher believed in their idea and whether they would follow through. Most importantly, they can't be faked. You simply can't pretend to be enthusiastic or passionate if you're not because try as you might, your body will give you away. Your lack of inner belief will show.

So why is passion important?

It's important for two very enormous, "poke you in the eye" reasons. If you don't have it you probably won't convince yourself, let alone anyone else, that your products or services are worth paying for. You're not going to have any or many clients and if you do, chances are that they won't be coming back for more.

And secondly, the minute you hit a disappointment, frustration or setback ( and boy are you going to hit them if you're determined to be an entrepreneur), your drive and commitment will be seen heading very quickly for the nearest hill. It's just not going to work.

So how do you create it?

To be honest, I'm not sure it is something you can create artificially but it's definitely something you can find from feel deep down inside yourself.

It can be unearthed, nurtured and grown without a doubt. Find a nugget of it and you can help it develop. Learn to understand it's nature, solve any doubts or concerns about it you might have, feed it, sustain it.

Once you have it though, you'll be able to move quickly beyond any feelings of self consciousness you might have to something bigger and your business will soar. 

I'd love to hear about your passion!


Lots of love Dawn, The Flourishing Entrepreneur