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Unleash the power of your dreams in 2017

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Is 2017 going to be the year when you finally unleash the power in your dreams, when you become truly powerful?

I'm not talking about bossing everyone around power, I'm talking about having personal power, that feeling of knowing without doubt that 2017 is your year and you have the power to bring your dreams into the world for yourself.

You have the power to show the whole world what you've got. When feelings of not being good enough, attractive enough, old or young enough, are out. You know you have what it takes, deep. deep down in your soul.

When you feel you could fly to the moon and back and still have energy left for a celebration party.

You have the power to show up

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Pin it!

You're not afraid to stand up and show yourself to the world and your clients because you are enough as you are. You don't need fixing, tweaking or improving. You are perfect NOW and you show up in your human wonderfulness.

You have the power to trust that your actions will make a difference

It's about being secure that our thoughts and actions will have the impact and results we so deeply desire. 

You take action, you do the work and whatever it takes to get your message out to your clients. You write the blog, learn how to speak on camera, do the inner work, push past your fears and doubts. You know that sitting around eating a large slice of cake is not going to move you forward.

You have the power to keep at it

But maybe you've struggled this year as an online entrepreneur. Perhaps the clients, revenue, opportunites you'd hoped for haven't materialised........yet. But you have the power to keep at it, regardless of whether the results are showing up for you because you know that success is about keeping going, even when the results are taking their time.

You have the power to keep your inner world on track

And when the results are really loitering in some small cave somewhere and you're faced with setbacks and disappointments, you have the power to treat yourself with kindness and gentle firmness to bring your emotions back on track, to reignite optimism and faith. To pick yourself up again.

You have the power to choose

And even if there are times when you doubt all of this, you know don't you that you have the power to choose, to make a more empowering decision to create a different experience for yourself.

And you most certainly have the power to unleash your dreams, big time


Dreams can have unbelievable power if we let them, if we're willing to be the person they demand of us, if we're willing to dream big.

And  we can learn to create this easily, effortlessly. Working, yes and being prepared to work very very hard. But not struggling. Not feeling as if we're pushing against some vast wall, our noses pressed to the glass so we can see our wonderful future but we just can't get at it.

So today I want to suggest that there is a way we can do this, a way to unleash the power of our dreams in a way that feels like living permanently in flow.

To unleash our dreams, we need to BE bigger, to expand our vision of who we are. 

We need to grow into a more expansive, brighter shinier version of ourselves because being powerful is also about expanding our sense of who we are, at will,even if the evidence is experiencing a time lag.

We need to expand our self identity in a way that is more empowering, trusting, knowing that our dreams will then create themselves. 

So who are you, now? Are you being WHO you want to be, or is there room for a soupcon of movement forward, a huge leap or a blast forward into success so quickly you haven't even got time to get your party shoes on?

Lets take the power for ourselves to unleash the magic of our dreams. Lets live bigger and more powerfully