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Turning bad luck into good entrepreneurial gold dust

I recently had a spot of bad luck (don't we all from time to time) but I'm going to show you how I turned bad luck into good.

But what I found  hilarious, after I'd had a little rant, was this spot of bad luck happened at the precise time that I was writing about increasing good luck. Cue Universe having a little laugh at my expense!

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I was in the middle of writing a blog post which I'd spent hours refining when POW! BANG! WALLOP! (actually it went out with more of a whimper but I think in the circumstances, I'm allowed some poetic licence for dramatic effect).

My computer died and no amount of turning it off and on, off and on again and again, shouting or pleading at it would do the trick!

My blog was lost.

Once upon a time (not so very long ago) my thoughts would have been," Why me? " " Why now?" Mutter! Mutter! Sulk! Sulk! And my husband would have swung into action to rescue me because usually in our household, when objects of a technological nature  malfunction like this, he comes into his own.

With a hint of glee in his eyes, he's more than willing to manfully take over. Even though previous experience has shown time and time again that if his attempts fail pretty quickly, the usual outcome is stomping and swearing, the dog slumping out to hide at the end of the garden,  a huge family row in our normal tranquil household and frayed tempers all round.

But this time, it was very different.

Because this time, I hadn't long typed in the following ways to increase the amount of luck in your life

  • Don't dwell on bad luck.
  • Deliberately build your "look for the silver lining" muscle.
  • Don't grumble when bad luck comes your way.
  • Expect things to work out for the best for you.
  • Develop perseverance. Don't allow yourself to be brought down by bad luck. Work with the assumption that there's always a way around a problem.

This time, I felt a responsibility to follow my own advice to the letter.

Turning bad luck into good

Immediately by-passing the usual drawn-out, fighting and resisting the situation thoughts, I went straight into solution finding mode.

I frantically wrote down as much of my lost blog as I could remember and  began to think about all the ways I could solve the problem.

I found a local computer fix it shop in my local town and they were fantastic. A week later I picked up my computer,the fee was reasonable and although I hadn't been able to work during that time,I'd spent the time usefully.

The silver linings

  • I'm so paranoid about loosing stuff that I back up the back up. This made me realise that this is SO important and I only lost a day or so's work. Pat on back time!
  • I'd started thinking about how to make sure this is never a problem again and decided to buy another laptop to give myself a two tier system
  • I felt more resourceful and able to deal with technical issues
  • I've found myself my very own IT department in my local town.
  • This confirmed that there's always a way around every problem

I'd looked for the silver lining and expected things to work out for the best for me and in the final analysis, this problem had been absolutely perfect. I'd managed to turn bad luck into good.

I'd love to hear how you've turned unlucky situations to your advantage.