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The secret to overcoming setbacks in your biz

In this blogette (a quick, short blog you can read whilst you snatch a quick cuppa), I'll show you how the way you think about setbacks is the most important secret you can learn to help you build success in your biz.

The growth or fixed mindset

If you've got a growth mindset you believe that you are capable of learning and growing and if you don't succeed at first, you simply need to do something else. You believe entrepreneurs are made and that if you learn and keep at it, you'll get there

If you've got what is called a fixed mindset you believe you either have the ability to succeed or you don't. You believe that entrepreneurs are born and you'e not convinced you were one of them.

The idea of the growth mindset was developed by psychologist Carol Dweck and popularized in her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.

A mindset is the set of beliefs and assumptions that we develop over time about ourselves and our abilities such as I'm a great public speaker or I'm disorganised. They're important because they're the filters through which we see reality. Warning! They're not always the truth!



When disaster, setbacks or just every day "it must be a wet Monday" kinds of things happen in your biz, there are two ways you can react based on your mindset.

Big Hint:

How you react determines whether your work will go on to have shed loads of fans, rave reviews and you'll have that soft inner glow of success contentment. Or you'll slink back to from where you came and we'll never hear of you again.


The fixed mindset 


The growth mindset 

We're all capable of far more growth and learning than we ever know.

It's time for action

Start paying attention to your thoughts when you next have a problem in your biz. If you're showing a growth mindset HURRAH, you've already discovered the most important secret to overcoming any setback you come across and I'll see you at the award ceremony. Keep going with it.

If you're using a fixed mindset, first of all don't panic, hit yourself with big sticks or hide under the duvet. The good news is that any mindset can be changed and the first step is to be aware you've got it in the first place.

The second step is to start questioning your fixed mindset assumptions. Find ways in your life where you have overcome obstacles and learnt how to succeed. Gather evidence, write it all down and look at your list frequently.