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Why it's so easy to forget how amazing and brilliant you are

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In this blogette ( a quick, short blog you can read whilst you snatch a quick cuppa), I'll show you why it's so easy to fall into the trap of forgetting how far you've come along your journey to entrepreneur excellence and success (and what you can do about it).

Have you ever got bogged down with a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach because you fear you've got nothing unique, special or exciting that you can offer your clients?

Pin it!

Pin it!

Do you find it's too easy to discount your years of experience and hard-won excellence?

Time for a brief rant. Isn't it amazing how fantastic, and awe inspiring we are as entrepreneurial women in our forties and fifties and yet how sad that we allow ourselves to forget this, to hide our brilliance from ourselves and others simply because we fail to recognise how brightly we shine.

And why does this happen?

Let me introduce you to a model of learning that shows how we all progress when we're learning something new and can explain why our predicament happens. I'll use by way of an example  that if you've fought your inner dragons, pushed aside the doubts and battled to become an entrepreneur, you'll recognise.

Unconscious incompetence

You've read a blog about how easy it is to work two hours a day on a sandy beach with long, thirst quenching drinks on constant supply and build a successful, crowd-pulling,online biz. Hell! How difficult can it be? You're up for this big time!

Conscious incompetence

You're website and sales funnel are all tippety boo. You've posted a few blogs and started social media accounts and you're excessively proud of your sales page (if you do say it yourself). Pouring yourself a celebratory drink you sit waiting for clients to come knocking at your website door. And you wait......and wait. This might take longer than you thought.

Conscious competence

As if the universe has got you playing some vast snakes and ladders game (my USA readers may know this as chutes and ladders), you're back to square one, clarifying what business you're in and rebuilding your website. It's a conscious effort getting visible, marketing, responding to clients and keeping tabs to make sure you're not sabotaging it all with your mindset.

But your clients are starting to come even though it's taking you a lot of effort juggling all these biz demands.

Unconscious competence

Wow! This is effortless! New clients are popping up all over the place, you're making good money and it's so easy and automatic  - you'd almost think there's nothing to it!

Being at this last stage is a wonderful place to be. Work feels effortless, you feel in the zone, it flows. The key is that the skill has become unconscious and we can carry it out very often without much thought.

But it can be so easy to discount what we do when we reach this level because we're often very good at forgetting what has brought us to this point.  We think they're skills that everyone possesses, our memories of what it took to get to this point, are very, very short.

It's time for action

Sit down with a large sheet of clean, crisp paper (or a blank screen) and write down all the wonderful skills and talents you've got. The skills you do with absolute ease, the abilities and talents you think everyone else has.

And then remind yourself of the work and practice and effort it took to get to this point where it's easy for you, where you do these things amazingly without having to think about them. 

It's time to remind yourself of how brilliantly, fabulous you are.