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20 Reasons why being in your mid life and starting a business is so fabulously amazing

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Creating and building an online business is a wonderful way to financially support yourself and your family.

That's not to say it's an easy "devote an hour or two a day when you feel like it" option as especially in the beginning there's a lot of work and consistent input involved. BUT it's not difficult work and if you fall in love with your business and your clients, it feels effortless and wonderful.

But here are plenty of other reasons why starting a business in your mid life might be the best decision you've ever made.

midlife entrepreneur

1. You've got so much more experience than the young,glossy entrepreneurs who use their two year's work in their field of choice as their major marketing advantage. For decades, you've been developing your skills at work, studying, managing a household, juggling finances, organising huge social gatherings, kept yourself together and sane.. need I go on?

2. Being successful in business is all about building relationships and communication skills. Think of the friendships you've kept going for decades, your ability to communicate and negotiate with toddlers, stroppy teenagers, partners, husbands, totally unreasonable bosses. You've got the finely-tuned skills of a world-renowned peace keeper and you're not telling me you haven't got it in you to communicate to people who might be interested in your product or service. It's a piece of cake!

3.You get to chose your business direction so you can package your interests, skills and experience in a way that suits you and not work for an employer who chooses which tiny fraction of your talents they are willing to pay for.

 4. Flexibility. It fits round your family and life commitments so if your daughter needs you to watch her in the school play on Monday afternoon, your mother needs help on Tuesdays, the cat needs to go to the vet on Wednesday and you're completely frazzled by Thursday, you can work around this.

5.You can run your business and live where you like. I'm still working on this one as theoretically I could live in the Highlands of Scotland but my daughter and husband are putting up unreasonable, and frankly downright, selfish resistance to this one. 

6.You can wear whatever you like to work. I currently favour the classic jumper, makeup and mildly-restrained hair with pyjama bottom and huge socks combo. Perfect for filming facebook live.

7. You get to set your own limits on how far you go with it. You decide whether to earn enough to supplement the family income or become a consistent £10k a month owner.

8. You can be part of an amazing industry that changes lives.

9. Someone out there desperately needs your experience and wisdom to solve their problems and live a fuller life.

10.It's the most amazing, sure fire way to personal development. If you're to succeed, you'll have no option but to push yourself past your fears and deal with limiting beliefs about yourself and your abilities that you didn't even know existed.

11. The enormous sense of pride and satisfaction you'll feel by battling through the previous reason.

12. It encourages you to be creative, to think boldly, to dip your toes into the pool of inspiration and bring forth new, amazing ideas and content. You'll constantly be asking yourself where that "flipping, why did no one ever think of that before?" idea came from.

13. It'll keep your brain active. Think about it! Sitting in the old people's home would you prefer:

Option 1. Sitting with the other residents playing bingo or having a lovely,old sing song shouting out the old Sex Pistols ballads of your youth

Option 2. Creating new content for your thriving business and recruiting a strong, young, fit carer to take you on your latest speaking tour. I rest my case!

14.Battling with the technology, creating a website and getting to grips with the social media required to build a successful business will give you the sense that you are at least half way keeping up with the younger generation and technology.

15. You'll make business besties with women all over the globe and talking about the weather with someone on the other side of the world who is exeriencing 6" snowdrifts or a 2 year drought puts UK fog and drizzle into perspective.

16.If you're feeling unwell, you don't need to put on your best sickie voice to phone up your employer for a day off.

17. Telling someone at a party that you're an online entrepreneur sounds very impressive.

18. If you fancy a bit of peace and quiet at the weekend, telling everyone you're going to be working on your business and are not to be disturbed is a great way of getting some time to yourself. Trust me - this is worth all of the other reasons put together!

19.Your business Christmas party can be as glamorous or exciting as you choose and no more having to listen to the office bore in a corner.

20.You'll never know if you've got it in you if you don't get started.

So if not now, when?