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Why midlife women are so brilliant


A love letter to all us women in our midlife...

Today, I would like you to pause, briefly (because hey, I know life is busy, busy), So let's stop for a moment and celebrate the gloriousness of the woman in her midlife. Let's cast off any lingering doubts that we're past it, invisible or the victims of ageism and start shouting out to the world, that we're middle aged, thrilled to be this age and standing tall and proud.

Let's celebrate ourselves for being magnificent and amazing and for all that we are and do and give ourselves one giant big group hug across the world because..

We love and care so deeply for our children, our partners, our wider families, our work, our communities, our world. We put others first whether our children, those in need or dear friends because not to do so is unthinkable. We wipe tears,listen to woes, cheer and commiserate.

We know that love for everything in our world, isn't just about a feeling, it's about showing our love through our actions. And so we work, work hard, to create better lives, a better future, a better world.  We get involved, we campaign, do the voluntary work, create businesses that nurture others.

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Pin it!

We keep going. Through the setbacks and the tragedies we show strength and determination and grit because whilst sometimes we would love to sit in a corner and have a short weep with a box of tissues and an even bigger box of chocolate, we know that life is about staying on the path. It's about showing up and keeping at it and not letting any setback or dismissive comment stand in our way.

We keep working on ourselves, pushing our boundaries mentally, physically and emotionally, challenging ourselves. We're not willing to accept beliefs that we're getting on, that life is a slippery slope and we're getting towards the bottom. We're prepared to fit the limitations and glass ceilings whether imposed by us or others.

We're willing to have fun, to laugh and see the beauty in the world and let our hair down with those we love. We're happy not to take ourselves too seriously, we take part in events for good causes, running with shower caps on through mud, hurling ourselves over obstacle courses if that's what it's going to take to raise awareness and money. But we also love any excuse to celebrate (cake and bubbly optional) the joy and blessings we have in our life.


I love us because we are flipping magnificent and brilliant and if you are struggling today (or even if you're having the best day yet) I'd like you to remember all that we are and do and have a smile in your heart.

So lets join together, eat cake and celebrate!


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