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How to get out of a low mood


If you’ve used technique after technique to try and deal with your low mood, if you wonder if it’s just you, I'm going to outline how to transform your thinking about low moods and what to do about them.

For me, this understanding which I’m going to share with you was a complete game changer in my relationship with low moods. I’m going to talk through four points to help you deal with your moods

I’ve always been a genius at getting into a low mood if I say so myself. And often the problem wasn’t so much the low mood itself but the thinking that I got into when I was in one. I’d worry that I’d always feel this way, that I got into these moods because of who I was as a person – that I was a failure, or it was my fault so much so that I’d end up turning myself up side down. Then I’d send in the low mood troops and use up a lot of energy trying to zap my low mood.


So here’s what I discovered when I discovered the three principles or inside out philosophy. 

 1. Low moods are part of being human.

Everyone gets them, no matter how evolved or happy we all are, there are always days when life looks a little more grey. They’re not a reflection of me and my worthiness or not. It’s just part of the human package. This was a huge relief and it took a huge weight of my shoulders and knocked the self analysis right out the window

2. The dance between moods and thoughts. 


Like most people, I’d always assumed that how I felt was a reflection of circumstances in my life. Is my family life good? What are my finances like? Do I have fun nurturing friendships? The answers to these sorts of questions determined how happy I am. Or so I always believed.

Turns out all these things are not the cause of how I feel. The cause of my feelings are a result of my thoughts about these areas of my life.It’s a bit like going to the cinema. We can all watch a film and have a totally different feeling about the same experience. Some people will love it – best film ever. Other people will think it waste of time – it’s their thoughts about the film that make the difference between happy coming out of the cinema or sad. I talk more about dance of mood and thoughts in other videos but for now I just want you to ponder on the nature of thoughts with me.

3. Thoughts are like clouds

You see thoughts are like clouds –they drift across our mind and we have no control over our next thought and in many ways we just don’t need to worry about them or hold on tightly to themtreat them lightly and allow them to keep on drifting past


4. You don’t have to try and manage low moods. 

If you have one, just notice it and then get on with your day as best you can. You don’t have to try and fix it or read hidden messages into it. Know it will pass and the less you fiddle with it and try to fix it the quicker this will be

Now you know exactly how to create the most amazing, perfect midlife crisis for you. But what if you then decide you’d like to overcome your crisis? Well I’ve got an audio where I share how I did this and the link is below.