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Ditch the limitations in midlife

midlife crisis

It can be easy to see midlife as all doom and gloom.

So simple to feel it’s the time when the door to our youth slams firmly shut and the one to old age and frailty opens with a slow, ominous creak.

The menopause, weight gain, lower energy, sagging bits, empty nest can all make us feel gloomy about our life and unsure about our future

And yet there are plenty of examples of women our age who are out there showing up at midlife stronger and more vibrant than ever.

They’re out there creating second careers after the children have gone, pushing back our expectations of what’s physically possible, showing up as beautiful, powerful and energetic women.

So can you.

I firmly believe that midlife can be a powerful time to reassess where we are and where we want to go. It’s as if nature has provided a ready-made breathing space for us to do this. As menopause reminds us physically that our creative powers are no longer required for birthing the next generation, we can also take the time to mentally and emotionally take stock.

It’s not always easy. To embrace the new, we first have to be willing to let go of the old. We’re told that when one door closes, another one opens but sometimes it can be flipping uncomfortable waiting in the hallway.

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That feeling of being in limbo, of being caught between the world of youth and the world of age, is what can make so many of feel as if we’re stuck, at this point in our lives.

Yet I prefer the term “resting”, rather than “stuck”.

Seeing it as a time to  gather ourselves to prepare for the next stage when we have the potential to show the world fully, what we’re made of and who we are, powerfully, completely present.

This is the perfect time, for us to stop and think about how we want to live our life in the next phase, who we want to be.

And there may be less limitations on this than we initially think.

So you want to dye your hair purple, take off to explore the world, start a wild new hobby? Go ahead, why not?

Reinvent yourself, embrace the parts of yourself you haven’t yet explored, play with all of it, take it lightly. Change is constant and the only mistakes you can make are in not exploring and experimenting.

Ditch any concerns you might have about having left it too late, being too old – throw away any restrictions and limitations and allow yourself the freedom to create the life you want.

The point is that these limitations about what we can and can’t do are in our mind, they’re those little niggling thoughts that sneak into our awareness.

Don’t overthink think them, drop them. Don’t waste your time analysing them or wondering where they came from. Instead turn your attention to thinking bigger, to living without limitation.

Notice when you place restrictions on yourself, be open to ignoring them and remember you have full permission to live a life that is rich and full.

Give yourself the freedom and space at midlife to explore what that’s going to look like for you and have fun with it.

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Find somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed, grab a notebook and pen and write down all the things you’d like to experience in your midlife, who you’d like to be, what you’d like to do.

Expand that list as far as possible, be creative and wild. Allow your imagination to travel far and wide.

And then commit to doing one of those things, in the next week. Plan it now. Do it!

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If you’re fed up with feeling stuck in midlife and want to explore how to ditch your limitations and restrictions or you know you want to do more with your midlife (and beyond) even if at the moment you haven’t the foggiest what that might look like, get on a free Flourish call with me.

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