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Rediscover the wonder of the world


Feeling jaded? Living with the “seen it all before” feeling, the same old, same old?

In a way, we have seen it all before and it can seem as if there’s little that’s new and exciting. That tired feeling of “been there, done that” can be overwhelming at times.

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We’re midlife women, we’re busy, harassed. We’ve got very important, long lists of things to get done. And so it can be so easy to rush from one thing to another in a daze. Not noticing, not paying attention to the world as it is, but focusing instead on the world as it is in our heads. Our busy, frantic minds are where the action is and the constant whirring of conversation in our minds never stops, never lets up from our attention for one second.

It can be very easy to be hypnotized by the everyday and trivial in our life, and to move from one task to the next in a dazed stupor.

And so the world as it exists in our mind can very easily become routine and dull.

But wait a moment.

Just ignore the constant chatter. Still the mind for a while,

Then you’ll have space to pay close, exquisite attention to your world. Take some long, slow breaths, look around. Because the world out there is constantly changing and there is always something fresh to notice.

When you reignite your senses, you can rediscover the wonder of the everyday, the familiar. Look at the detail of your world, the small, fascinating minutiae.

As you stop and pay attention, even the everyday and the “oh so familiar” can bring a new sense of wonder to your heart - the steam from a mug of coffee, the smile of a loved one, the sound of a bird outside your window, the feel of a soft, cooling breeze.

Looking around, I can see photos of my family that I haven’t even noticed for such a long while. They make me smile (especially the daughter and dog selfie). Noticing the arrangement I made of old china cups and saucers I made a long time ago, I notice afresh the colours I love.

It’s all there, waiting to be rediscovered and seen, heard and felt anew when you look closely.

Or perhaps you prefer the grand, wider view.


Go outside and look up into the sky on a clear night and gaze at all the stars.  Remember we are all living on a tiny planet spinning through space. As far as we know, it’s just us but who knows! Ride with your imagination up into our solar system, through the Milky Way and beyond.

Isn’t this thing called life so incredible and magnificent? Isn’t it astonishing that we’re here, living and conscious, aware of who we are and our life on this beautiful planet?

Still feeling jaded and midlife weary?

Use your senses and rediscover the details of your now, think wide view a little every day and rekindle your sense of wonder.


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