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10 Books to Inspire your Midlife

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These are all books that lie near my bed-side for constant re-reading. They are thumbed through, worn and scribbled in. In one way and another they have carried me through on my journey from midlife slump to midlife transformation and I hope they bring you inspiration, insight and joy.

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  • The Happiness Advantage: Shawn Achor

  • The Upside of Stress: Kelly McGonigal

  • The Luck Factor: Dr Richard Wiseman

  • Slowing Down to the Speed of Life: Richard Carlson and Joseph Bailey

  • Pure Bliss: Gill Edwards

  • Bolder; Carl Honore

  • Real: The Inside Out Guide to Being Yourself: Clare Dimond

  • Big Magic: Elizabeth Gilbert

  • The Inside-Out Revolution: Michael Neill

  • The Endorphin Effect: William Bloom


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