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Am I your biz knightess in shining, sparkly armour?

Yes I am my dear entrepreneur if you're feel as if you're constantly plodding through treacle, banging your head against a brick wall or giving yourself headaches with the strain of building up your business.

Because I believe that we don't have to struggle endlessly. We don't need to contort ourselves, or stand on our head whilst juggling an endless list of tasks. We don't have to harm our bodies, minds or souls by trying too hard or forcing ourselves, there is another way.

And I want to help you because I believe there are so many wonderful, shining and sparkly entrepreneurs out there. The world needs our message and if we understand how to use our mind and body together, we can do it with far less strain, we can tap into our inner flow zone.

Why I can help you

I'm an Alexander Technique Teacher (and if you're wondering what the heck that is, stay calm). I help people use their body with less strain and more ease and I'm fantastic at improving posture. and helping you avoid that slump over your laptop.

I'm a psychology graduate so I'm intrigued by psychology and how we can use it to harness the power of our mind.

And I am super, super, endlessly fascinated by how mind and body connect and how that can help you develop into the wonderful entrepreneur you know you are.

And now for the sciency bit

Time for a brief experiment.  I want you very quickly to sit slumped, squashed as small and insignificant as possible. Notice how that feels, Notice what it does to your body.

And then quick as a flash stand up. Stand with both feet hip width apart and adopt a superwoman pose ( hands on hips, stand tall and proud, look up and widen your shoulders across the front). Hold that for one minute. How does that make you feel?

Fantastic? Powerful? I certainly hope so. Research* shows how simply by taking up this position can make you feel more powerful and amazingly hormone levels in your body change. In powerful people, testosterone levels are high (makes them assertive) and cortisol levels (the stress hormone) are low (makes them feel calm) and this is exactly what holding this stance can give you.

Wow! We all know that if you're feeling powerful, you're going to get out there, do what it takes, build your business. 

Isn't that worth standing up straight for? 

Here's something else for you to do

I know my dear Flourishette, that creating a biz that will support you, your family is important for you but most importantly you know you're here to make a difference, to do some positive in the world. My job is to make that as easy as possible for you because I think it's time for us to stand up (with our hands on our hips and our heads held high) to be counted, to be seen.

So if you'd like to carry on that journey with me, your biz knightess and my faithful, white stallion, Bob (don't ask me where that name came from because I have absolutely no idea, it just popped into my head!) we'd LOVE to have you along.

*Ann Cuddy (Harvard professor with lots of research to back up her claims) outlines this research in her marvelous, fantastic book, Presence, 


Lots of love Dawn, The Flourishing Entrepreneur


Is there enough passion in your biz?

Ops no not that kind but the sort of "feel it in your gut", "use it to push you forward in your biz" sort of passion.

When you're thinking big, when you've got a dream that's bold and brave. Without it your business is like one of those parties where conversation is stilted, the atmosphere is uncomfortable and suddenly everyone remembers why they need an early night. You don't want your business to go there! 

A brief sciency bit

There's a lovely bit of research from Amy Cuddy's book Presence, from a study looking at 185 venture capital presentations. The strongest predictor of who got the money wasn't based on the pitch content or the pitcher's credentials. It was based on the confidence, comfort level and passionate enthusiasm of the pitch. Key here for us is the word "passionate".

The reason, Amy concluded, is that these qualities show how much the pitcher believed in their idea and whether they would follow through. Most importantly, they can't be faked. You simply can't pretend to be enthusiastic or passionate if you're not because try as you might, your body will give you away. Your lack of inner belief will show.

So why is passion important?

It's important for two very enormous, "poke you in the eye" reasons. If you don't have it you probably won't convince yourself, let alone anyone else, that your products or services are worth paying for. You're not going to have any or many clients and if you do, chances are that they won't be coming back for more.

And secondly, the minute you hit a disappointment, frustration or setback ( and boy are you going to hit them if you're determined to be an entrepreneur), your drive and commitment will be seen heading very quickly for the nearest hill. It's just not going to work.

So how do you create it?

To be honest, I'm not sure it is something you can create artificially but it's definitely something you can find from feel deep down inside yourself.

It can be unearthed, nurtured and grown without a doubt. Find a nugget of it and you can help it develop. Learn to understand it's nature, solve any doubts or concerns about it you might have, feed it, sustain it.

Once you have it though, you'll be able to move quickly beyond any feelings of self consciousness you might have to something bigger and your business will soar. 

I'd love to hear about your passion!


Lots of love Dawn, The Flourishing Entrepreneur


Are you ready to do this?

Are you ready?

Are you ready to lift your business up above the ordinary, the average and mediocre? Are you ready to discover within yourselves unexpected reserves of perseverance, strength and do what it takes, get on with it ness?

In my previous blog I wrote about the importance of having a strong reason for your biz, a mission, your why. But once you've discovered / unlocked that you've got to get out from under the duvet. Because being willing to be a leader, to show our tribes the way, to motivate and inspire them,  that's what it's going to take to move our businesses and the world forward.

In the online, entrepreneurial world I have come across masses of women who are showing others how to become more empowered, successful, creative. I have yet to find anyone who claims to want to make their clients more fearful, disempowered or stunted in any way. Don't you see, we're all working to make the world a much more amazing place using our unique abilities and hey, I think it's about time the world started to see us and our work.

But that means we've got to step out of our smallness and insecurity, we've got to be the new leaders!

But what makes a leader?

Oh this question has led me up and down a few research paths over the last few days. Some theories of being a leader favour the "you're either born one or not" idea. Whilst others suggest that what makes a good leader depends on the situation, a leader with a team in an emergency situation is very different to one leading a creative team.

What's more helpful for us is the idea that leaders have certain traits and behaviours and whilst the list below isn't a definitive list, I think it's a starting point. And I believe we can all make a commitment to develop them, the question is are we willing and ready to do so as a leader? 

It's time for action

So are you willing to step up to being a leader? Are you willing to nurture and cultivate the mindset and behaviours of one? if so, you're on a journey and if like me, you're at the start of this process, just thinking about leadership could be the kick start that ramps up your business like it's doing for mine. I'd love to hear how you get on.


Lots of love Dawn, The Flourishing Entrepreneur


Is there a big enough Y in your biz?

I've recently had an epiphany * (try saying that after a few glasses of wine and a day behind a laptop). 

You see I've realised that to make my business a success I've got to get out from my little room and connect. I've got to step up big time and be willing to be a leader. Eek! Sharp intake of breath! Scary! Scary!

And yet it's not, not really.

Because I've realised that if you've got a big enough WHY, in your business, you'll do what it takes. You'll push past all the bad crap, the "I'm not good enough", "I don't deserve this" rubbish and just get on with it. Having a big enough WHY means that you're not going to sit about procrastinating, or worrying if it's going to work because hey, people need you and your message.

So what am I about? What's my why?

Because I believe that we don't have to struggle endlessly. We don't need to contort ourselves, or feel like we need to stand on our head. We don't have to harm our bodies, minds or souls by trying too hard or forcing ourselves, there is another way.

I'm an Alexander Teacher so I'm fascinated by how we use our body with the least strain and effort. I'm a psychology graduate so I'm intrigued by psychology and how we can use it to harness the power of our mind. And I've done heaps of spiritual course over the years so I strongly believe that our inner resources of inspiration and guidance  are HUGE. But hey that's enough about me.

So what are you all about? What's your mission?

So right now, I'm telling you that getting clear on your why is one of the fastest ways to make business success a reality for you. You can think of it as like holding onto a giant balloon that will float you above the obstacles and hard work. So please, I'm begging you, spend some time thinking through what you're all about because then shouting it out is going to get way, way easier.

I'd love to hear about your why.


Lots of love Dawn, The Flourishing Entrepreneur