How to get your paws on these amazing oils

Once you've decided to treat yourself to these delightful oils, there are two ways of buying them, retail and wholesale. Even if you've just been introduced to doTerra oils, the best way ( and this is the way I recommend) is to become a member so that you can get wholesale prices.

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Why buying through wholesale is your best option

  • 25% off retail prices and even if you only only buy two oils a year, it's better value for you
  • You'll get free oils 
  • There's no minimum order, commitment to buy every month or arm-twisting obligation EVER (although once you try the oils, you might get hooked like me!!) 
  • Warning: Almost 70% of people do re-order because they love the products so much!
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How much does wholesale membership cost?

Wholesale membership costs an annual fee of £24* (incl vat) OR you can join with a kit (which includes the joining fee and gives you an amazing saving on the retail price). There are a variety of kits to choose from and you can pick one to suit your needs and budget.

*Renew after a year and you'll get a free bottle of Peppermint, one of the most popular oils dōTERRA offers.


Ongoing support whether you choose to buy wholesale or retail

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Whichever way you decide is best for you to get your stash of essential oils, we won't leave you stranded wondering what on earth to do with them.

There are bucket loads of FREE support and education to help you use these oils confidently in all areas of your life and you get to join an amazing community of "very happy to help you" doTERRAers.