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The Morning and Evening Review meditation package

The morning review meditation 
This meditation aims to set you up beautifully for your day ahead, whether you have a busy, frantic day or more relaxing plans. Help yourself dance lightly with the ebb and flow of your energy and respond to the challenges and changes of the day ahead with more ease.

The evening meditation
Soothe your emotions, calm the mind and relax the body after a busy day. Let go of all the busyness and events of the day and prepare yourself for a deep, relaxing sleep.

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Audio and workbook programme

Coming soon…Midlife for so many of us can hit with the subtlety of a ten ton truck. You may have hit a BIG, BIG birthday,  your children may be leaving home, or you've just found an old photo and realised how much you've aged  (even though you're convinced inside you're still 22).

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Audio programme

Is your slumped body starting to feel pain in the neck, shoulders and lower back because of your slumping and slouching? Could your posture do with a little help?