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The 4 week Ditch The Stress and Worry programme

It’s time to live with more peace and tranquility

Starts Monday 25th, February

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During our four weeks you’ll discover will discover…..

We’ll look at the causes of stress and worry and the impact it has on our body and mind.

How a simple understanding could transform your relationship to stress and worry without you needing to learn new, complicated techniques, having to unearth 358 limiting beliefs or spending hours in therapy. By all means you can carry on with all of this, but I’ll be out dancing with the rest of the laid back, stress free women on the programme whilst you’re kept busy!


This training is for you if you want:

What your training includes

DATES: We get going on Monday 25th February

PLACE: Everything is online 

DAILY AUDIO LESSONS: Each day for 21 days, you’ll receive and listen an audio delivered via email. These are yours to download and keep

WEEKLY GROUP WEBINAR: Your opportunity to discuss the daily lessons and to ask questions at 8.00pm, uk time on. If you can’t make it not to worry as a replay link will be sent to you the day after

FACEBOOK GROUP: I’ve set up our own facebook group for more daily thoughts and inspiration and a place for you to share your thoughts and experiences.

STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS: The audio lessons will guide you through a step-by-step process to enable you to ditch the stress and worry and

DAILY EXPERIENCES: Each audio will suggest a daily experience, or practice, for you to try.



  • Are there any refunds on this program? No.

  • Are all the audio recordings downloadable?  Yes.

  • What happens when I click the pink enrollment button? Y

  • What if I have more questions? Get in touch at


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About your Ditch The Stress and Worry hostess

Hello there, I'm Dawn. My aim is to inspire women to start living without the struggle, stress and constant niggling worry.

in their mid years to make these years exceptional, to dream big and live HUGE and this includes creating amazing businesses to show-off our skills and talents.

During our time together, I want to show you how to kick all self-doubt and bouts of lack of confidence out beyond Themyscira (Wonder Woman’s homeworld…..apparently!).

From very shy and lacking in confidence beginnings and a background in psychology, I spent 15 years as a management trainer, then ran my own business as an Alexander Technique teacher. After a midlife confidence-sapping slump, I’m back up, confident and ready to show up big-time!

Are you ready to join me?

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The 4 week Ditch The Stress and Worry Programme

It’s time to live with more peace and tranquility

Starts Monday 25th, February