Are you stuck in a midlife fog of stress, struggle and overwhelm? Losing your ability to make decisions and even decide what to have for tea?

Ready for change?

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You feel physically stressed and are finding it increasingly difficult to relax. You’re worried how it’s all affecting your health and you crave just a moment’s peace of mind.


You’ve got 2,367 tasks (and counting) that need to be done and just the thought of it all makes you feel breathless and overwhelmed and you’ve no idea where to start.


You can’t seem to think straight anymore and even making easy decisions leaves you going mentally round in circles.


There doesn’t seem to be time for fun any more, you’ve starting to lose your sense of humour and feel permanently on the edge of snapping at even your nearest and dearest.


You wish, no crave, everyone to just go away and leave you to sit still in a quiet, darkened room and have a bit of time to yourself for just a while.


 How do I know all this?

 For a few years around my early 50’s I was completely lost, unsure and broken inside.

I kept on with the daily routine, building a business, looking after my family, keeping myself fit and told no one how I felt. Yet inside it was as if everything was falling apart,

I didn’t know what I wanted anymore, It seemed as if all the fun and adventure was in the past. The future looked like one slippery slope down hill.

But eventually I stumbled on an understanding that transformed how I felt. It changed everything and gradually, small step by small step, I began to rebuild my sense of hope, direction and joy in simply being alive.

You can read more of my story of how I got myself out of this midlife slump here

But let me tell you, I was all of the above (in bucket loads!!) and so I know now without any doubt….


 There is another way

1:1 Midlife Coaching. The Ditch the Stress programme.

Are you ready to get this midlife show on the road, to start living with more ease?

Who is this coaching for?

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Women who’ve had enough of living from one stressful episode to the next and know they’ve got to start making changes even if they’re not really sure what those changes are.

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Women who are fed up with faffing around in a sea of struggle and overwhelm

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Sound interesting?

In our five weeks together we’ll explore,

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Where our experience of stress really comes from and the only thing we need to let go of to find a quieter, more peaceful mind.

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Why stress management techniques could in fact be making it all far worse for you.

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What stress is and how we can use it to get an extra zing in our life rather than letting it destroy us ( and I promise you, this isn’t about learning 356 techniques to juggle on the days you’re feeling stressed).

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Who we really are and how we can tap into our innate sources of all the wellbeing, resourcefulness and resilience we could ever need

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How to get our natural creativity and problem solving working when we need to come up with solutions for whatever life throws at us


Did you ever believe in Father Christmas or the Tooth Fairy? I bet if you did you don’t now and that change didn’t require a 101 self development practises or mindset work for months on end.


All that was required was a shift in understanding in how the world works and change was effortless and fast. That’s how we’ll work together. Gentle chats about our understanding of life and the situations in your life.

Ohh and along the way, I hope we’ll get to have a few giggles together.

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Here’s how we work

 5 x 45 minute private intensives over zoom (or live if you’re local)
Facebook message/ email access to me whenever you need it (Monday - Friday)

Your investment: £499/ $630

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IMPORTANT: Are you ready to take action, full responsibility, get going and make changes in your life? Interested?

If you’re fed up with struggling, feeling stressed and overwhelmed and you know you want to make life much, much easier for yourself, get on a free Midlife Flourish call with me.

You can click the link here to find a date and time that works for you.

Together we’ll explore how to ditch the stress and we’ll start you moving forward.

My guarantee: You will make progress during our conversation.

We'll also talk about whether 1:1 coaching with me is the right next step for you.

I look forward to meeting you

Dawn, The Flourishing Midlife x