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My blog- Me & my pony

Me & my share pony Woody are delighted to welcome you to our blog,please read on.......................


Day one- Tuesday 15th May 2018


Well.......they- whoever 'They' might be- say that you learn something new each day; in this case its "you learn something new each time you tie Woody up" Yes well saddles and Woody do not I repeat DO NOT mix: you leave a 24 year old pony with his 2nd fave thing- haylage -in the trough clear as day and you get back 5 minutes later from getting your grooming kit only to see.................GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!two of the riding schools saddles - one with haylage on it the second lying on its pommel & cantle in the trough now what am I supposed to do :he gets grumpy when he is crowed, he messes up and plays with the lotion holder, can't be trusted next to the teas or breakfasts and he tries to crib on the rail. So not a lot of options- but I still love him.

He & Hugo had squealing match today:Hugo- just trying to be affectionate to score brownie points- nudged Woody over the stall partition Woody flung him self round made is saddle lopsided and tried to bite Hugo! :( then Hugo squealed and you can guess were it went from there...  

......On the bright side I jumped 1.5 feet. In the smaller shared arena which is huge for me now but i dobt that Woody wont convince to jump higher in the future.

That's all today.