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An Introduction to Essential Oils

FREE Class:Wednesday 20th September, 8.00pm 


We'll show you....



What essential oils are and how to use them safely

Essential oils are an amazing gift from nature that can help us in all areas of our life and you'll learn how you can unleash their potency easily and safely. We'll introduce you to some of our favs -  hello soothing lavender, pep-me up peppermint and some of the divine blends available through doTerra.


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Why we use doTerra oils

We believe do Terra oils are so "shout from the top of the nearest hill" special and we can't wait to tell you about them



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How you can start to use them yourself

Both of us use these oils in, on and around us every day so we'll share our go-to tips and show you how you can do the same..


All you have to do is sign up below and we'll send you the details and if you're UK based, we'll also ask our essential oil fairies to send you some free samples

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So pull up a chair, get yourself comfy and join us for this class.

We can't wait to share the amazingness of these oils with you

Hello there, I'm Dawn and I inspire women in their mid years to flourish and make these years exceptional, to dream big and live HUGE and this includes using these fantastic oils.

Ok so yes, I have to admit that initially I was unsure about the power of essential oils but now, well, now I'm flipperdy doo ( means head over heels, dancing round the kitchen excited) about them.

I've used them on myself and my family to help with all sorts of aliments and I love, LOVE, LOVE them for their emotional support. I could go on and on about them but join us in this free class over a mug of tea/ glass of something delicious and I'll tell you more.

With love



Hi! I am Hannah and I Love sharing these beautiful oils with everyone! I was blown away by the effect they had in healing a serious infection my husband had, and since then I have used them to support my families physical and emotional health. Who knew the earth had such an incredible gift to offer us in support of our wellness! Massively looking forward to connecting over oil!!!

With love